B25 🍊

After deciding for a few months. I’ve decided to let go of B30 (it’s sold) as I used it on weekend and it’s too big for weekend use. There’s really no right or wrong size for it. It depends mainly on your use as well as lifestyle.

B30 would be a good size if it’s used as a work bag! But I’ve got no intention to bring it to my workplace.

Ready for the reveal?

So so difficult to capture the exact color of this bag. I’ve give up. There’s plenty of color reference if you google 😝

Sneak peak

This color really spark joy 💫

More pictures

Made in France

I was worried about whether rghw can match the gold hw charms.

I’m personally ok with this. Looks so chio 💫

Spark many many joy ❤️

This is very close to the color irl. So pretty!

Lock, Key & Clochette

B25, Etain in Togo, rghw

My new baby! So so in love with this ✨✨

Rghw is so so chio!! No regrets choosing this over ghw! 💫

Size measurement:
Birkin 25: 25cm x 20cm x 13cm

So so gorgeous!!

This is very close to the colour irl

Last picture ❤️✨

Modelling picture

Day out with B25 💫

Isn’t it so cute ✨

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