7th & it’s a mini ❤

New addition to the family ❤

Was deciding between WOC or mini rectangle. Decided to get the mini rectangle as it’s cuter and looks more CHIO on me. WOC length is too long.

Didn’t consider mini square as the length is too short for me.

Black on black is so hard to come by and I knew I can’t miss this! Missed out on the So Black jumbo a few years back and I have been waiting patiently for Chanel to release it again…

The Black hardware ❤❤❤

Black on black ❤

Was surprised hubby asked me to show him the bag last night. Usually he can’t be bothered with my purchase.

Modelled the bag and he actually say it’s not bad 😁

And he added on to say, pls use the bag and don’t let it sit my my cupboard 😂

Hubby really do me know me best.

For now, it shall be my weekend bag 👛

5 Fun Fact about my collection

1. My Chanels are all black, except for the burgundy jumbo.

2. My very first chanel was in shw (now sold to a dear friend)

3. My very first lambskin bag was the chevron so black medium

4. Most used bag – black jumbo ghw

5. I don’t have a favourite.

Each bag has my love ❤

* this post was first posted on my Dayre account (@wang_hx) on Mar 22, 2017*

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